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Our work is done in a timely manner. Our job is not finished until the customer is completely satisfied. If there are any problems we will return within 24 hours to fix them. Why wait weeks for an out-of-town company to come back. We will send a local building science technician not a sales rep. from another state.


In 2001 the window cleaners association (IWCA) and a national safety standards institute (ANSI) issued a safety standard that is used by OSHA to issue citations and fines for failure to provide a safe workplace. OSHA can cite building owners and contractors for failure to comply. Fines range up to $70,000 for a single violation. Certified roof anchorages are required and documentation exchanged between contractor and building owner. Contractors must take the lead providing written safety plans and educating building owners Sunlight Building Services has been doing above ground building services for over 25 years. Our personnel are trained and safety certified by the International Window Cleaning Association, Scaffold Industry Association and OSHA. We provide:

  1. A compliance manual for your building based on OSHA regulations.
  2. A daily check list of safety inspections, building defects and safety concerns.
  3. Proof of training and safety certification for our supervisors
  4. A history of accident free workmanship. The lowest insurance experience modification rating in the industry.
  5. Assistance with proper installation or updating of certified roof anchorages
  6. Cooperation with your building engineer and monitoring of OSHA inspections.

  Sunlight is an Alabama company, locally owned and operated. We are your neighbors; members of the International Window Cleaners Association and the Chamber of Commerce. We are available 7 days a week to serve you.

Sunlight Green

We can play a role in helping to adopt more environmentally friendly business practices. Sunlight is committed to performing environmentally friendly cleaning practices. We provide documentation for attaining LEED points.

  1. We use only Green Seal certified soap.
  2. Re-use the towels for wiping up excess water.
  3. Practice water conservation
  4. Recycle, recapture or filter the waste water for large volumes.

Licensed and Insured

Sunlight is licensed not only by the municipalities in which we work but is a Licensed Alabama State General Contractor. It is the only company in Alabama specializing in window cleaning that is a Licensed State Contractor. This means that we can take on some of the liability that our customers assume when they hire a subcontractor or independent contractor who is not a general contractor. It means we meet all the strict requirements necessary to be licensed by the State – experience, references, fiscal responsibility, insurance, and testing. As a Licensed State Contractor we are permitted to bid on contracts up to $50,000. Without a State License a company cannot by State law exceed $35,000 per contract. Our insurance limits of liability are the highest in the industry. Our general and auto liability limits are $5 million per occurrence. Our workers compensation exceeds statutory limits for the State of Alabama. Our excellent safety record gives us the lowest accident experience modification rating possible for a company that performs high rise services.

Our friendly team will be happy to answer questions Please call or email contact form and we will be happy to assist.

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