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No. Due to the advent of rope descent systems (RDS) the equipment is very easy to set-up and transportable. One person in a swing can do more work quicker than two in the traditional suspended platform. The safety record of RDS is also much better than platforms.

This removes hard water and mineral stains from glass that regular window cleaning cannot clean. Plants and vegetation below are rinsed or covered. In some cases , the building’s concrete or masonry must be sealed to prevent further erosion and staining. Care must be taken not to burn the glass. In certain cases , buffing the glass with ceramic oxide can removed Stage 3 etching of the glass that acids won’t. We don't use hazardous chemicals or acids that can damage the glass. Cost is much higher than window cleaning but can be more cost effective than replacement.

The seals around the glass dry rot and shrink requiring replacement or wet glazing. Expansion and control joints eventually come loose. Old caulk needs to be cut out, backer rods replaced and new caulk tooled in. We have the equipment to perform injection molding to seal joints if needed. The mortar between brick, block or stone after a period of time can allow water to get in. In tuck pointing the old mortar around brick erodes allowing water inside. The old mortar can be scraped out and new mortar troweled into the opening. Many buildings need pressure cleaning and a liquid sealant or coating applied to prevent minerals from leaching and staining the glass.

We inspect your building from the outside and inform you of any problems that exist or may occur in the future. We offer pressure cleaning of concrete and masonry. We install bird control systems. We will paint your building with an elastomeric or waterproof coating after pressure cleaning that will preserve its appearance and restore its beauty. Virtually any exterior building service can be performed by Sunlight Building Services. We also will clean the window on the inside of the building.

We can clean the entire building envelope with cold or hot water or chemicals. Dirt, mildew, rust and algae are removed restoring the original color and appearance of the building. Don't hire a company that only does pressure washing but leaves the windows dirty. We specialize in commercial window cleaning, and have been doing it for many years!

Call us for a free inspection of your building or contact us via the “Contact” page on the website. We will give you a written proposal for the services and a certificate of insurance. Upon acceptance we will schedule the work. We will begin the work usually within two weeks and complete it in as few days as possible. We can work on the weekends if necessary.

We are a local, caring company—not an impersonal franchise. Our highly trained specialists are dedicated to continuous process improvement in an attempt to constantly be the best we can be for you. We take great pride in having the best systems and training than any window cleaning company around.

Our window cleaners are highly trained. We specialize in commercial window cleaning, and have been doing it for many years!

Our friendly team will be happy to answer questions Please call or email contact form and we will be happy to assist.

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